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A Tale of Great Successes

Our heritage


Grandma Gennì starts selling fabrics

In the distant year of 1894, the enterprising Grandma Gennì opened a charming fabric store, weaving an unbreakable bond with family tradition. Over the years, the torch was proudly passed to daughter Norma and her husband Otello, transforming the store into an emporium of fabrics rich in history and generational love. Their dedication has made the store a benchmark for quality and a keeper of memories woven through time.


Nonna Norma continues the trade of fabrics and haberdashery

In the tumult of the ’40s, Grandma Norma bravely persevered in the fabric trade, even during times of uncertainty and change. Her store became a refuge for the local community, offering fabrics that told stories of resilience. Despite the challenges of the war, Norma kept the flame of family tradition alive. Her commitment infused the store with a unique character, turning it into a gathering place for those seeking not only fabrics but also a piece of history woven with love and determination.


Andrea and Marco Chiarini open Men in Piazza Beccaria

In 1970, Andrea and Marco Chiarini decided to break away from the old family approach, based on the traditional management of the fabric store, and opened the Men Boutique in Piazza Beccaria. Men is the contemporary men’s clothing store. A new way of dressing for men, riding the wave of the motto “the latest fashion on young skin.” It is an informal style that blends classic English dressing principles with American practicality and typical Italian taste.


Opening of Eredi Chiarini on Via Porta Rossa

After a long period of consolidation, given the very satisfactory results, the Chiarini family felt the need to open a new retail outlet. The new store would have had the same basic characteristics but with a distinct emphasis on the style of the 1930s and the image of the garments designed and produced by Marco and Andrea. Thus, in May 1982, in the heart of the historic center of Florence, Eredi Chiarini boutique opened its doors on Via Porta Rossa.


The partnership between Eredi Chiarini - Polo Ralph Lauren & the engagement with partners in Japan

To crown the achieved success, the partnership between Eredi Chiarini and Polo Ralph Lauren was born in 1984. In March of that year, on Via Tornabuoni, Florence’s showcase, the first Ralph Lauren store in Italy was opened. The collaboration with Eredi Chiarini gave rise to one of Florence’s most important boutiques of modern elegance. The success enjoyed by Eredi Chiarini’s centenary not only resonated at the city and national levels. Thanks to the display, during Pitti Uomo, of the Eredi Chiarini ties collection, the company was contacted and engaged by a major Japanese corporation that acquired their brand for Japan. From September 1984, in Tokyo, 7 boutiques were thus born in the image and likeness of the Eredi Chiarini boutique, featuring the same collections designed by the Chiarini brothers.


The opening of the fourth Eredi Chiarini store in Florence

In January 1985, the fourth Eredi Chiarini store was born in Florence. The new store embodies a fresh aesthetic, anchored in the timeless taste of the ’30s, dear to the Chiarini brothers. Elegance and modernity are the distinctive elements of the store on Via Roma. The refined atmosphere of this space becomes a haven for lovers of sophisticated style, where the family heritage continues to shine with a contemporary light.


The inauguration of Eredi Chiarini Royal First Floor

At 6:30 PM on September 5, 1990, a major event filled the streets of Via Roma, where Eredi Chiarini relocated the workshop previously located on Via Porta Rossa. The new store, Eredi Chiarini Royal First Floor, is a tailoring floor accessed only by ringing the doorbell or presenting the Customer Card. The event was not just a change of address but an exciting chapter in the history of Eredi Chiarini. An atelier where the air of high craftsmanship is still present but with an extra touch of humor.


Eredi Chiarini becomes the official supplier of Fiorentina

In 1993, Eredi Chiarini reaches a new pinnacle by becoming the official supplier of Fiorentina, thus solidifying its connection with the football spirit of Florence. The magic of Chiarini fabrics blends with the enthusiasm of football, dressing players with elegance and sobriety. This partnership not only embodies the community spirit of the city but adds a touch of sophistication to the sporting image, confirming that style transcends every arena.


The entrance of the fourth generation

2009 marks the entrance of the new generation with Carlotta Chiarini, daughter of Andrea. With her arrival, a fresh and dynamic chapter opens in the history of Eredi Chiarini. Carlotta brings a modern perspective, while preserving the family legacy of elegance and dedication. The result is a contemporary image expressing that sophisticated taste that has always characterized the style of Eredi Chiarini.


The return to Via Porta Rossa at the Torre dei Saggi

In 2015, Eredi Chiarini makes a captivating return to Via Porta Rossa, finding its home in the Torre dei Saggi in Florence, facing the picturesque loggia of Porcellino. This choice is not only a return to roots but also a symbolic act that evokes the history woven into the family tradition. The new location becomes a meeting point between the timeless elegance of Eredi Chiarini and the historical atmosphere permeating the alleys of Florence, creating a unique and enchanting shopping experience.


Digital tradition: Eredi Chiarini embraces the future with style

In 2023, Eredi Chiarini continues its journey into the future by embracing the digital age and new technologies while steadfastly maintaining its stylistic identity. The investment in the digital realm not only reflects the ability to adapt to modern times but also testifies to the ongoing commitment to blend traditional elegance with contemporary innovation, uniting the past and present in a harmonious embrace of timeless style.

The Eredi Chiarini Team

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