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With our new Eredi Chiarini personalization service, you can add a touch of uniqueness to each garment.​


Customizable elements


Customizing the blazer is an art that allows you to make even a ready-to-wear garment unique, with minor adjustments that improve fit, proportions, and image. It is often a matter of millimeters, such as the crease at the neck, the right circumference of the pelvis that hugs the figure with precision for a tailor-made look. The length of the sleeve and neck are key elements for a flawless garment, ensuring that the jacket fits harmoniously to the body, creating a unique and personalized garment for each individual.


Customizing your shirt is a sartorial experience that goes beyond simply cutting and tailoring. Shortening the sleeve and neck is a personalized touch to fit the shirt perfectly, ensuring comfort and style. The addition of darts creates a contoured fit, elegantly highlighting the silhouette. Finally, carefully hand-embroidering the initials, allowing the customer to choose the font and color, gives a distinctive touch that transforms each shirt into a personalized work of art.


The customization of the trousers begins with the ideal fit and is an expression of sartorial precision. Tightening or widening the waist and pelvis ensures tailor-made comfort. Retracting or tightening the silhouette and re-proportioning the bottom of the pants accordingly helps to proportionate the leg. The choice of length finish, like reversed or flared fashion, allows the client to define his unique style, completing the personalized garment according to his needs and with refined details.

One small detail can make all the difference

Small style details that reflect your personality, creating a unique story.

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Do you want a completely custom garment?

A unique journey, tailored to your needs.

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