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Cold weather 101: the Must-Haves to face the cold weather in style!

The must-have season: class and timeless elegance.

The winter season is well into its prime, and the latest trends seem to have fully embraced a comeback to the classic design shapes, pursuing the essence of timeless elegance. Among the proposals for the winter collection are fine fabrics, classic tailoring cuts and dynamic and versatile color combinations.

Look Gennaio Neri

Let’s find out the must-haves to face the cold weather with style and sophistication:

Knitwears: either wool or cashmere, the perfect winter ally.

An essential during the cold season, the wool sweater proves to be the perfect match for a sophisticated look without compromising warmth and comfort. Coming in neutral hues or enriched with braided weaves or eye-catching patterns, this piece becomes the go-to for facing the cold weather with impeccable style.

For the Gentleman who loves noble fibers, whether it’s a classic design or modern accents, the cashmere sweater takes winter wear to the next level, adding a touch of timeless elegance to one’s wardrobe. In cashmere, sophistication and comfort blend harmoniously to create a flawless ensemble during the coldest of days.

Girocollo Drumohr Firenze
Drumohr girocollo in cashmere

Coats: an essential style icon of the winter season

Coats are a timeless must during the cooler months, representing elegance and classic style. By choosing colors such as navy blue and beige, this already elegant by nature garment takes on a touch of versatility, resulting in a refined and timeless look.

Cappotto Lardini Firenze
Lardini cappotto classico

Monochrome pants: immutable elegance for every occasion

To stay classy and elegant even during the gloomiest days, solid-color tailored cut pants come to the rescue. Versatility, class and elegance packed into a simple garment that can complete any look to perfection. Paired with a single-breasted jacket in neutral tones for a classic and elegant outfit, or with shirts and sweaters for a more casual-chic touch, they are the perfect example of a versatile garment in full Quiet-Luxury style.

Rota pantalone antracite

Leather footwear: The Pinnacle of winter elegance

In the essential list of winter must-haves, refined leather footwear makes its way. Wrap-around ankle boots, sophisticated loafers, and refined Oxfords emerge as essential designs for confronting the cold season with style. Classic hues such as black and dark brown blend seamlessly with every setting, providing the versatility needed to successfully complete any look and adapt to any occasion.

Mocassino tassel Barrett
Barrett mocassino tassel

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