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Real Gentleman: Alessandro Matteini

Alessandro Matteini is our second “Real Gentleman”. A passionate writer, and at the release of his latest book, “Once Upon a Time in Tokyo,” he told us about how his wonderful passion for writing had begun, mentioning a few of his personal anecdotes along the way.

Alessandro Matteini, Florentine born and a successful entrepreneur, how did you start to write “Yellow”?

I first like to thank you for calling me a successful entrepreneur but in all, I think I’m just a normal real estate developer with some common sense. As for the reason of my choice, I always had the desire to write “Yellow” but there was not so much time available in the past. I’m not ashamed to say that I had the time to devote myself to writing because of a somewhat stagnant work situation during which I dedicated exclusively to ordinary administration work, although lately unfortunately or fortunately (time will tell) things have changed.

What is the character who has the most passion for “dressing well” in “Once Upon a Time in Tokyo”?

Japanese Sato Yoschida is definitely the man who had the most passion in dressing up in my novel.

Is there a particular character in your books in which you are attached to?

I would say equally, Sato Yoschida and Raul Di Santo.

Speaking about sentimentality… What is your favorite place in Florence?

It’s so difficult to decide because Florence has many wonderful places, but if I really had to choose, I would definitely say the view that Florence can enjoy from Pian dei Giullari.

You have been a historical customer of “Eredi Chiarini”, do you have an anecdote to be told about the store?

Many years ago Andrea Chiarini, a dear friend who had unfortunately and prematurely passed away, advised me about a very special pair of shoes at a great price. I bought them unconvinced. I still have and use them, and every time I look at them I think of him and his skill and passion.

One last question… Will there be a third novel?

I would love to write another but at the moment I’m short of inspiration, but who knows…

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