Men’s Trousers: Knowing what pair suits you


Trousers are underrated, although we wear them everyday. So it’s important to understand more about our pants to guarantee we can easily choose one of a perfect fit.

Here we will discuss a few key tips and some general knowledge to keep you well informed of what to look out for in your next pair.

First of all despite what you can think fit is really crucial: however well made the trousers are if they don’t fit you will never wear them.

Often it’s only a few millimeters that can make the difference between a good pair and an perfect one. Keep in mind it cannot be too wide, narrow or long as this all influences the look and their comfort.

How to choose men’s trousers:

The Cut

This should complement your waist, calves and thighs. If you want to lengthen your figure, stay away from a wide legged fit. If you need to tighten the bottom of the pants, remember to correct the rest proportionally. Look out of pants sold without an edge, so you are able to adjust the length suited to you.

Preppy Style – PREPPY FIT Trousers from PT – © EREDI CHIARINI

The Waist

When you try on the pants, they must be tight enough on the hips to not slip down, but snug enough to tuck in a shirt.
The Length

A wider cut must have a fold on the front that reaches the instep and the rear rim must not exceed the point between the top of your heel and the heel of the shoe.
A narrow cut is worn shorter, as they fall higher up at the front and drop below the edge of the shoe on the back or the heel goal.

The Material

Choosing an appropriate material can aid the overall appearance and how it behaves whilst you are wearing them. Be aware of lightweight fabrics, as they will not drape enough, become clingy and wrinkle easily. As well as some fabrics like hopsack and cashmere, that will loose their shape. That being said, you must choose a balanced blend.

The Style

Although there are a wide spectrum of models, styles and makes of trousers to choose from, let’s focus on one of a gentleman’s favorable choices, Chinos.

They were introduced into the world of fashion in America after World War II. Where a light cotton chino was the perfect expression of the currently prevailing classic casual style. During the industrialization period, flax was gradually replaced by cotton, becoming less expensive and easier to supply. It wasn’t until the 1980’s that Europe had become acquainted with this style, although much has changed since the classic 40’s pair, leaving the khaki colour as the only remaining unaltered feature.

Chinos are less formal than dress pants but can easily be dressed up or down. To dress formal, wear with a blazer or sport coat. For a smart casual look, it is paired with shirts, pullovers or a short jacket. It can also be worn casually with a polo shirt. The correct fit, generally should sit around the same spot as dress trousers, directly above your hip bones. They should always be tapered and straight-leg, finishing at the ankle.

New Season Suggestions


We suggest to you to have a look at Pantaloni Torino’s new SS17 Collection. One model we most admire for this season is the Preppy Fit. It’s a good place to start to understanding a unique, well crafted pair of trousers suited for any style and physique.

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