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Sartorio Napoli: Neapolitan tradition sews innovation

Sartorio Napoli: the union between innovation and tradition

Sartorio Napoli, a new brand in our boutique in Via Porta Rossa starting this January. With the arrival of Pitti Uomo 2023, the Gentleman attentive to tradition and sensitive to innovation will be able to discover “a new way of dressing”, a challenge launched and taken up by the Paone family.

Let’s discover together the secrets of this new brand thanks to the exclusive interview with Sartorio Napoli…

Eredi Chiarini: how did the idea of Sartorio Napoli come about? Tell us the story of this brand, the union of tradition and innovation.

Sartorio Napoli: the “Sartorio” brand, whose name (tailor’s muscle) derives from the crossed leg position typical of tailors, has been owned by the Paone family for many years. The desire to propose “a new way of dressing” for a constantly evolving society and always looking for “innovation in tradition” led the family, a few years ago, to take up the challenge and to propose new ideas with deep roots in tailoring Neapolitan, in taste for beauty and quality. Beauty produces beauty.

Eredi Chiarini: what is the vision, the philosophy that guides the spirit of the brand?

Sartorio Napoli: the vision of an evolving society, of constantly changing needs and tastes, the search for modernity and comfort within traditional schemes revisited with a future perspective always based on a rigorous umbilical cord with taste and the highest quality. We create exclusive garments with the finest materials and unlimited attention to detail for an increasingly global clientele. We are the story of a Neapolitan in the world, we respond to the needs of a winning man.

Eredi Chiarini: if you had to tell the unmistakable style of Sartorio Napoli in a few simple lines, how would you describe it?

Sartorio Napoli: every day, in Italy and in the world, we carry on the sartorial perfection of the Neapolitan memory reinterpreted in a modern and casual corporate key.

Eredi Chiarini: how are Sartorio Napoli garments designed and developed?

Sartorio Napoli: we are the tradition that stitches innovation. We focus our studies on classic models, to anticipate taste trends and re-establish the Italian dress code school.

Eredi Chiarini: what are the characteristics of the traditional Neapolitan suit (jacket and trousers)?

Sartorio Napoli: the lightness of the fabrics, softness in the seams (construction of the garment) and Fit adapted to the times.

Eredi Chiarini: what are the characteristics of the collection that we will soon see in our shop?

Sartorio Napoli: the collection intends to fully satisfy the varied requests of the end customer.
From the classic solid color blazers, passing by the inevitable double check squares up to the latest blends of yarns in a depth of colors and with comforts appropriate to the times we live in.

Eredi Chiarini: which jacket, or suit, could not be missing in the wardrobe of a true Gentleman?

Sartorio Napoli: how to draw up a list, a ranking to indicate what should be in a wardrobe? There is no more difficult thing.
The beauty of our world is that, within pre-established schemes, everyone can “build” his wardrobe as he likes it more and as more satisfies him.

Eredi Chiarini: what does participating in Pitti Uomo 2023 mean for the brand?

Sartorio Napoli: Pitti is the history, the daily life and the future of fashion in Italy … and therefore in the world. Being there is an honor and a privilege.

Eredi Chiarini: following the latest news and keeping up with technology, the big names in the world of clothing are already organizing themselves according to a new reality, that of the Metaverse. What is your idea about it?

Sartorio Napoli: while aware that the future of the world is moving strongly in this direction, we believe that not everything can be reproduced and reinvented in this new reality.
Touch (the joy and emotion of touching a fabric), and measure (sewing a garment on the customer) are things that can never be reproduced with the same intensity and depth in the new reality of the Metaverse.

Eredi Chiarini: what future projects is the company looking towards?

Sartorio Napoli: the future has enormous roots in the past. Those who do not know their history have already signed their death certificate, the ancients proclaimed. Well, our future will be even more linked to research, innovation and experimentation. At the same time, we will direct our efforts to increase production space and to create and strengthen retail and partnerships with new and old customers that make us increasingly present, visible and known on the market.

Sartorio Napoli can be found in Florence at Eredi Chiarini.

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