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The summer suitcase. 4 ideas for 4 destinations

The sea, mountains, a safari or even the city: we’ve been thinking about the essential pieces of clothing to put in your suitcase this summer. Discover our ideas, destination by destination.

Finding the garment that is perfectly compatible with the occasion becomes extremely important when we start preparing a suitcase for the holidays: packing a number of reasoned garments is useful for maximizing space and for always being impeccable.

Want to pack the perfect suitcase? Discover the tricks of the trade for Gentlemen.

How do you pick the right piece of clothing to take along? Style, texture, color and fit are characteristics that can transform a simple garment from your wardrobe into the perfect item to wear during the holidays that you have decided to undertake this summer.

To help you in your choice we have selected some of the most interesting summer fashion novelties for 2018 by dividing them by type of destination: choose the perfect match for you!

Riviera Style, the right suitcase for a beach destination.

Days that flow to the rhythm of the waves, sun baths and saltiness and relaxed walks: the perfect suitcase, for those who have chosen a beach resort destination, revolves around a swimsuit and essential accessories such as sunglasses and beach towels.

What to pack:

✓ MC2 swimsuit with majolica print
✓ MC2 bag in cotton with print and leather details
✓ Swims beach towel with practical “triangle hook”
✓ Limited edition Antica Occhialeria glasses for Eredi Chiarini with Zeiss lenses
✓ Pure linen white trousers with drawstring at the waist, for a very relaxed but always refined look
✓ Tin Tin t-shirt in slub cotton with print
✓ Bleemer shoe, a slip-on beach shoe whose outer fabric recalls that of the French deckchairs typical of the French Riviera

Adventure travel, the right safari suitcase

© Eredi Chiarini

Practical and comfortable are the key words for those who want to embark on an adventurous journey and enjoy the contact with nature. This doesn’t mean to ignore style but to select clothing to take along keeping in mind small but fundamental precautions such as, for example, the choice of more breathable materials and the choice of color: in the savannah it is advisable to use soft and neutral colors but it is better to exclude white, as it scares the animals.

What to pack:

✓ Beige trousers with pockets by Mason’s
✓ Tintoria Mattei military green linen shirt
✓ Buttero shoes
✓ CP Company cap

High altitude travel, the suitcase for a mountain destination.

© Eredi Chiarini

Nature walks, fresh air, and all the regenerating energy of days spent in the open air. Choosing the mountain in the summer has its advantages: between spas, food and wine experiences or excursions the alternatives are many and for every taste. Besides outdoor apparel, in moments of relaxation, the ideal is to play with layering but always wearing something practical.

What to pack:

✓ Kway People of Shibuya in reversible camouflage nylon with hood
✓ Care Label stretch denim
✓ Drumohr stretch piquet polo
✓ Best Company hooded sweatshirt
✓ Buttero shoes

Postponed holidays? Here’s what to wear in the city

© Eredi Chiarini

Semi-deserted streets and sultry heat, the image of the city in summer is demonized by most, but not everyone can escape from it. If for work reasons you are among those left behind, we have thought of a summer outfit to accompany you to the office.

Outfit for those left working in the City:

✓ Ernesto light blue and orange suit, also available in blue
✓ Tintoria Mattei linen shirt
✓ Andrea Ventura shoes, special construction technique “A Tasca”
✓ Acate work bag

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